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Living Images began at the St Kilda Film Festival in 1991, where images from our iconography were reborn and sent into a swirling narrative, questioning their contribution to our good old, bad old days.

The show was a huge success with films projected on to the deco walls inside and out of The National Theatre, with the inclusion of a fringe silent movie festival in the foyers between viewings and an interactive cast walking out of the screen, through the throng synthesizing a new euphoric reality populated by living, breathing cultural icons and myths.

Living Images then developed numerous games for various new media. We provide graphic design, web design and development - database design, e-commerce and membership sites, film making and photography services and SEO, marketing and sales (partnerships, strategy, writing, media buying).

Living Images prides itself on integrity never compromised as part of our mission. We have always been involved in community contributions (including St Kilda Veg Out Community Garden, St Kilda Park Primary and Save St Kilda (Founder of Fishhooks) and various Northcote and Koorie Community Initiatives).